LG QuickWindow Case for G2 Shows All Relevant Info Even When the Phone isn’t Flipped Open

A fresh line of premium cases, under the LG QuickWindow branding, is set to be unveiled along with the LG G2. What makes the new line up special is that there is rectangular cutout on the front, like a window, which is meant really to allow people to view key information without actually flipping it open.

LG QuickWindow case

Merely running a finger over the screen will bring up the UI. Through this open space you can view time, weather report, music playback details, call notifications and more. This cover looks effective for everyday usage. The LG QuickWindow, in fact, can let you easily view all the essential details.

A stylish accessory, this case does more than just protect the phone inside. The case comes in shades of black, mint, blue, purple, white and yellow. The price of the accessory has not been revealed and it is expected to be known on the same day of the launch of G2 smartphone.

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