LG QuickMemo Feature Coming to Optimus L Models

We have some happy news to share if you are a user of the LG Optimus L. The company has decided to include its QuickMemo feature in its smartphones.

The feature will be made available in the entire line of Optimus L-Series smartphones through a maintenance release upgrade.

Initially, it will be available only in limited regions, but will go global by the end of the 3rd quarter.

One of the stunning aspects about LG’s QuickMemo feature is that it allows you to capture whatever content you come across on the screen, including web pages, graphics, photos and videos.

Users can write, draw or jot a memo straight onto the captured screen by using their fingers. Not only that, you can share these jotted short QuickMemo notes with your friends via text, chat, or email.

Once you download the upgrade, you can invoke QuickMemo by simply pressing the volume keys or through the notification bar.

Initially, the Optimus L-Series phones such as the Optimus L7, L5, and L3 will include the feature. The QuickMemo offers classic style without compromising on its features or utility.

The main motto of QuickMemo  is to improve communication by sharing ideas in a much personalized way. You can download the QuickMemo upgrade via LG Mobile’s homepage or by visiting Optimus L-Series service centers.

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