LG Poses Serious Challenge to Galaxy S3 with Eclipse 4G LTE

First things first. LG is all set to hit the market with an extravagant device. This could be LG’s answer to Samsung’s Galaxy S3 challenge. And we have all the news and specs about the new kid on the block.

LG sensibly has opted for a respectable production name of Eclipse 4G LTE than the technical monikers like LG LS970 or G.  To challenge Samsung’s hegemony LG has indeed come up with a real opulent device, which you can actually compare with the magnificent S3 .

Now for the specs. As the name suggests Eclipse is a 4G LTE device with 16 GB of internal storage, 16 GB of SDRAM as well as 2 GB of RAM. The LCD display will be of TFT 4.67-inch WXGA  with 1280×768 resolution. It has two cameras, a 13 MP one on the rear and 1.3 MP front facing one.

Above all, it features the latest APQ8064 chipset of 28nm 1.5 GHz Qualcomm quad-core Krait processor (Snapdragon S4 series). This CPU combo meets the Adreno 320 GPU in Eclipse.

Don’t forget…these are not the official details. However, this is from the most trusted sources, so you can’t ignore it. Well, we won’t be surprised if you are in a fix by now. What to choose, the new LG or its close competitor?

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