LG Optimus G : Sprint vs AT&T – A Comparison

After lots of speculations and announcements LG Optimus G has finally launched in the US market through the carriers AT&T and Sprint. LG has released two different version of the same device. Both the versions have their own advantages and drawbacks. Let’s find out which one is better.

You will surely be impressed with both the LG Optimus G variants. This time LG has made some major design changes in their device. No wonder LG Optimus is a better device with high performing software, better build quality and specs than any other Android device on the market.

Speaking of the key specifications, both the devices are powered by a 1.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Processor and runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Though the device supports the Android 4.0 Ice cream Sandwich rather than the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean but still it offers faster performance.

Both the devices support a 2 GB of RAM along with 4G LTE connectivity. The build quality of the device is better than the Samsung devices but not as good as HTC.

Optimus G’s Sprint version looks a bit cheaper with more plastic and less metal body where the AT&T version got a better look. UI of both the devices are better with great features and improvements.

On both the carrier versions, LG has maintained all the main features but still there is a slight difference. The most important differences come in the camera and storage front.

The AT&T version of Optimus G comes with a 16GB of internal storage and has a microSD slot for additional storage up to 64GB. Where the Sprint version of LG Optimus G comes with a 32 GB of storage but it lacks the microSD for additional storage.

On the camera side, the Sprint version packs a 13 megapixel camera while the AT&T houses an 8 megapixel camera. The daylight images of both the versions are almost identical but in dark their image quality varies. The AT&T’s 8 megapixel camera performs better in dark light where the Sprint version does better when there is a little light.

One device comes with low quality camera and more storage, while the other one sports less storage and a better camera. Therefore you can make the decision depending on you preference.

So what is your choice – a better camera or more storage?

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