LG Optimus G Pro Offers Smart Video Eye Recognition

Samsung’s much anticipated Galaxy SIV handset is all set to launch in a while. Rumors say  this upcoming handset will sport eye tracking technology with many other high end features. But LG has made a quick move to grab all the attention by announcing a new eye recognition technology on its Optimus G Pro.

LG Optimus G

The eye recognition feature, dubbed Smart Video, will respond to the user’s eye movements. By using the phone’s front camera it will track the user’s eyes and when the user looks away, it automatically pauses the video. When the eyes are back on the screen it will start playing again.

Besides this eye tracking technology, LG has also announced an upgraded camera features for the Optimus G Pro. This new feature named Dual Camera functionality will simultaneously capture photographs with both the cameras on the phone to produce a picture-in-picture composition.

However, LG is not the first one to introduce such eye tracking technology, when Samsung introduced its Galaxy SIII last year it also has the eye recognition technology for waking the phone from sleep mode.

Samsung’s latest Galaxy SIV is said to have an advanced eye tracking technology, which will automatically scroll a webpage for a user.

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