LG is Planning a New Tablet for Q3 this Year

Few years back, LG introduced an Android tablet, but that wasn’t successful. The tablet, which was named the Optimus Pad failed in the market like LG’s smartphones around the same time. But now it seems that LG is working on a new Android tablet and it will launch in the near future.

Recently, LG, the second largest Korean mobile device manufacturer is extremely successful in the mobile market. Though they are not good like Samsung, it managed to bring a few excellent handsets such as Optimus G and Optimus G Pro. The LG Optimus G was a huge success last year.


During the past year, LG has improved its hardware and software qualities, which resulted in high sales for its products. Over the past few months the company has started producing some good mobilephone models and now they are ready to enter the tablet world once again.

According to UnwiredView, LG is also working on another tablet and it will release in between July and September of 2013. Sources report that it would be a Windows RT slate, instead Android OS. The spec details about this tablet are not revealed yet.

When LG released its Optimus Pad, Android-based tablets were very rare at that time. But now Google’s mobile operating system is preferred as a perfect platform for tablets, therefore it is pretty good time for LG to try again.

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