Leaked iPhone 5 Parts Appear Different from its Predecessors

Now as the Samsung Galaxy S3 hullabaloos are fading out, the lime light is back on to the Cupertino Phone makers. The upcoming iPhone avatar, likely to be titled as iPhone5 (or is it?) is getting ready in the Apple labs and rumors have already started to cook up.

And here we have some leaked photos of an entirely new case claims to be of the flagship Apple phone.  We assume this could probably be the phone cover for 6th installation of iPhone, as it matches up with some of the previously surfaced reports: touting a metal and glass rear case, and a new dock connector.

The leaked iPhone5 shell appears to have a screen size of 3.99 inches.

The case’s design has a remarkable variation from the iPhone 4S. The case looks taller and rectangular, some thing similar to the South Korean edition of Samsung Galaxy S3. Case is available in black and white trim variations, encircling the rest of metallic body.

The revised hood has a bigger slot for the rear camera and a new dock connector.  The Case has obviously remade the cutout for the speaker and microphone module. A metal antenna is fused into the back plate which gives the phone more space for infusing the LTE technology. And not the least, iPhone5 case has the 3.5mm headset jack located on the bottom of the case, like what we have on the iPod touch.

What do you think of its design? Is there a chance that this could be the final version for the Apple’s next smartphone installation?


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