Kobuchi Smartphone App will Remind You When to Water Your Houseplant

Ever heard of the Koubachi system, the free app for houseplant care? For starters, this app will notify its users when it is time to water your plant.

The new and improved outdoor Koubachi system consists of a Wi-Fi water resistant sensor that sticks into the soil close to the plant.

This sensor measures the moisture, temperature and even the chemical changes in the soil and sends messages to the users iPhone.  The gadget only launches with an iOS app and available at a price tag of €129.

At the top of the device a photo sensor is attached that monitors sunlight and send alert messages to its user if the plant is too cold or hot. You can add several plants to this app and it will recommend the care guidelines.

A Koubachi Android app is also in the works, but the launch date has not been revealed as yet.

Although for a majority of people this gadget might look like waste of money, this is a new addition to the smarthome trend.

For those who want to save money, there is an indoor version of the Koubachi too, and is available for €89.


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