Is Google Nexus Tablet Round the Corner?

Recently we came across some pictures that claim to be of the upcoming tablet offering from Google. The tablet which is made by ASUS will mark the Google incorporating their Nexus concept to the tablet. Earlier the Google Nexus Phone was manufactured by Samsung Electronics.

We were well fed with rumors about a 7″ Tegra 3 Google tablet coming with a newest version of Android for quite some time. We highly hope that this is the tablet that was talked about, as it seems promising in the pics.

But we strongly think the rumors about an Android 5.0 Jelly bean is just a fan creation. However we never push away the chances for an updated ICS 4.1 version in the gadget. The Tablet is likely to be priced around a sub-$250 range.

For the time being let us call this tablet Google Nexus Slate, as Google have not given us an alternate title. Nexus Tab is also likely to sport a quad-core Tegra 3 as the CPU and a 1GB RAM.

In the meanwhile, we tend to link this along with the Google’s promise of 3D Maps and offline navigation features at its I/O conference earlier.

This give us a hint that Google tablet will be the first to introduce this features coupled with an ICS 4.1 update. However we are taking all these with pinch of salt till an official confirmation shoots from Google stable.



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