Intel Feels Android Not Capable of Handling Multi-Core Processors

Intel has released statements stating that Android is not capable of dealing with multi-core processors. The chip manufacturing giant was pretty sure that their rivals who are manufacturing multi-core processors for Android have not managed to actually optimize Android for these kinds of processors.

As Intel seems to be the final word when it comes to processors, it can be concluded that what other chip manufacturing companies were throwing was a marketing gimmick only.

Responding to the news, most of the Android users were stunned by the statement. The general manager of the Mobile and Communication Group, Mike Bell, said that even the most current version of Android, 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, has problems with threading.

This puts limits on the benefits that a dual core ARM processor should be able to bring to the Android handsets. The arguments of Mr. Mike can be looked in another way also.

No smartphones currently run Intel processors in them. The company’s first attempt at making a mobile chip, Moorestown, was a disaster. Its latest target, Medfield, seems a little better but it can’t compete with the rivals at any scale.

The serious problem that has come out with this is that companies all over the world are doubling up the core numbers and if Android OS is really not capable of handling any of them, what is the point in all these?

People really like saying that their phone is dual core or quad core and it looks like they just got served.

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