Images of Nano-SIM card leak; Will the Next Gen iPhone Have This?

Photos of the iPhone’s nano- SIM card have leaked. In case you dint know, the nano-SIM cards are 40 percent smaller than the existing micro- SIM cards found in iPads and iPhones.

Though the new SIM design has been approved by the ESTI, it is not sure that if Apple would use this card on their next iPhone device.

The nano-SIM card technology is supposed to make mobile devices simple and light weight. One significant aspect about a nano-SIM card is that it permits the making small handsets with high functionality.

Even in the midst of such positive significance, the new hardware brings some negative aspects too. Until now it had been easy to switch from one phone to the next. But with the introduction of nano-SIM design switching will become more complex and create compatibility issues.

Even in a micro-SIM card era, consumers used a clunky adapter to switch to older phones.

The Chinese site which has the leaked images has also published photographs of a redesigned Home button of Apple iPhone. Just losing a bit of width, it seems somewhat similar to the current iPhone 4 and 4S Home button.

Anyway, the iPad Mini model is expected to release this year. But we can’t ensure that it would feature the new nano-SIM card or the redesigned Home button. However,  tell us what you feel about the nano-SIM   innovation.

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