iKeyboard is Immensely Compatible with the iPad

With the launch of iPad and other tablet devices, a new favorable business opportunity has opened for accessory makers. With many still using their tablets for typing, accessory makers had come up with a number of keyboards into the market.

A latest addition to this list is the iKeyboard, a lighter, smaller and slimmer device than any other iPad Bluetooth keyboard. This device will turn your virtual keyboard in to a real one by overlays the virtual keyboard.

The iKeyboard uses sticky surfaces to attach to your iPad keyboard which is easy to remove. 

This portable iKeyboard weighs less than a 1 AA battery; therefore it will be a perfect travel companion.

But if you are carrying this iKeyboard separate from your iPad then you need to make ensure the film that protects the sticky surface.

The rigid outline of the keyboard contains membranes that will fit over the virtual keyboard and it makes the typing easier and better than any other keyboards. And iKeyboards will fits inside the most iPad cases available in the market.

The iKeyboard gives you all the advantage of an iPad wireless keyboard and it will be available at a price tag $35.00, for those who want to purchase it.


The keyboard is very light and slim and functions well and very firmly attaches to the device. In our opinion it is preferable for those who usually like to use their tablet for typing.


  • Slim, light and small
  • Portable
  • Easy to remove
  • Fits with most of the iPad generations  in the market
  • Lap certified


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