IHS Report Ponders the Future of e-readers

Those who were watching the leaps and bounds of tablet market might know how the solid software platforms had made them to such a higher degree of pervasion and that in turn affected some single purpose consumer electronic machines to blow a decline on its sale numbers, we mean the e-readers, digital cams etc.

Affirming this fact a special report came from IHS iSuppli Consumer Electronics says that the most troubled ones that facing the annihilation of tablets is the e-book readers.  

IHS reports that the annual e-reader shipments hyped with 23.2 millions units in 2011. And now that there are predicting the numbers to be slacked off to 36 percent in 2012, that is to 14.9 million units. Scoping into a more extensive scale, by 2016 they say the unit sales would came as low as 7.1 millions, a two-third drop from the 2011 figures.

The senior principal analyst for consumer platforms at IHS Jordan Selburn has noted this rapid crumbling to be an “unusual” case, even considering the wavering nature of electronic industry.

According to them, the tablet sales are expected to ship 120 million this year and will be 340 million when we reach 2013. Jordan says the general purpose machines like tablets and smartphones are diluting the role of single-purpose devices like e-readers.

We are not willing to say that tablets and smartphones will be a reason for the future banishment of the e-readers, but it is likely to be having a smaller consumer base in the coming years. Factors like cheap price tag and long battery life will serve the factors for its existence.

IHS report also point out that e-reader market is getting more space in developing markets in India and Africa.

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