Huawei Ascend P1 Android Handset Could be a Good Buy

The much spoken about Ascend P1 is Huawei’s first high-power Android to hit theUKmarket. Offering a 4.3 display with front and rear cameras and DLNA support, the device sports a 1.5GHz dual-core TI OMAP 4460 CPU with 1GB of RAM 4GB of storage, Ice Cream Sandwich OS and 8MP/1.2MP cameras.

In addition, 2.3GB space is free for app and file storage, while microSD cards are also supported up to 32GB.

As of now, the price might seem a little on the higher side as it will go on sale for £340 unlocked with a Vodafone contract for £26 a month. What makes the P1 special is its OS, as it enables us to use a version of Android 4.0 on an unskinned cell phone.

The touch sensitive buttons will illuminate whenever you prod the screen. The display has plenty of clarity and contrast which will very well work in outdoor.

The Ascend P1 is equally slim and light to Motorola RAZR with no sharp edges to be found anywhere in its body.

It could be one of the slimmest phones around the world with only 7.7mm thickness. It is so light weight that you will never feel the weight in your pocket. It fits in the hand well.

The Ascend P1 features the latest BSI module, which allows great pictures even in low light. The latest Android ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ operating system will enable you to access over 450,000 apps from the Google Play store.

Are you getting one?

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