HTC September 19th Event May See Windows Phone 8 Devices Launch

HTC has send out invitations to September 19th event where it will officially release its new HTC 8X and the HTC 8S – both Windows Phone 8 devices.

The invitation says nothing more about the event, but it features two circles that may be seen as representing an 8.

Going by guesswork, HTC could be launching the Windows Phone 8 at the event and the symbol might be a hint at the Windows 8.

We had already told you about the highly rumored HTC Accord device, which is believed to be the next smartphone from the phone maker.

The latest rumors suggest that the device could be rechristened HTC 8X.  Further, we also expect the launch of a second device too called the HTC 8S at the same event.

An array of events have been announced for this month, and they include Nokia’s and Microsoft’s joint event on September 5th, the Apple event on September 12th  – which is expected to be the official launch  date of iPhone5 – and September 18th event by Motorola.


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