HTC One X is now available online from AT&T

HTC comes with another fabulous offering for the gadget buffs today. Yes, it is none other than the HTC One X, which we have been anticipating for some time now.

However the buyers who are interested to grab this fabulous phone will have to buy it online from AT&T for the time being. Others, who prefer to own this phone directly from the store, will have to wait till this Sunday until it reaches the AT&T stores. Either way the phone will cost you around $199.99 along with a 2 year deal.

Obviously, the HTC One X will have to face a tough competition from Sammy’s phenomenal phone, Galaxy SIII. Incidentally this phone is also available from the AT&T stores lately. It will be interesting to learn which side the customer is going to swing.

Specification and other details of this flagship HTC phone is already thorough to the phone buffs. But we can’t keep saying about its unique camera feature. It will allow you take still pictures while you are shooting a video. This will make it a standalone gadget as we are not aware of any other phone that is able to do so.

Apart from that the HTC One X comes with a Media Link HD that allows the handset to share videos, photos and other stuff via a TV’s HDMI port. However you will have to pay an extra 90 bucks for the same. HTC has announced that the Media Link HD will be available from the 8th of June.


Do you think HTC One X can match with the likes of Samsung Galaxy III?



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