HTC One X and WiFi Death Grip Issues

Remember “death grip” and the whole iPhone 4 reception issue? Now it is the HTC One X suffering from a similar problem, with disgruntled users complaining about the death grip stealing their WiFi connection.

A thread at the XDA Developers forum has the issue documented in the form of stories and videos of the death grip affecting HTC One X.

One customer wonders why HTC continues to insist upon having these shoddy antenna designs. The GS2 had all of its antennas solidly designed and connected, he said, adding the crap design needs to stop and they need to have anyone who pushes this design removed.

This is the response of an HTC staffer at the thread: If you’re experiencing this, kindly please PM me so we can analyze it. Our engineering teams inTaiwanhave looked into it and have been unable to replicate it or determine a root cause, so your help would be appreciated.

Experts over at XDA have also suggested two alternatives: tear down your smartphone and follow the do-it-yourself instructions they have offered, or to hand back the device to HTC to fix it. Unless you are badly desperate, go for the second one.

Do you own an HTC One X? Is death grip an issue for you as well? Let us know.

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