HTC One with Stock Android Rumored to Hit Markets this Summer

Deploying stock Android ASOP version or simply Vanilla Android, with no manufacture tweaks attached, to a device will make its doors open to developers who like to play with it.  For big manufacturers like Samsung, HTC and the rest, their devices are built with unique user experience (UX) user interface (UI) and their own sophisticated features to make glam stand out in the crowd.

Stock Android installed devices might not be every one’s cup of tea, a Samsung smartphone without the TouchWiz or an HTC smartphone with Sense might be quiet that for ordinary users.


Sony Xperia Tablet Z had recently announced that it is joining the ASOP league; likewise Samsung at Google I/O Developers Conference held last week had announced that there will be Galaxy S4 with a stock Android version which they called the “Google Edition” coming on Google Play for sale soon.

So we guessed there will be more manufacturer giants to come up with stock Android installed phones and now it seems HTC is making a move on this.

Last week a HTC rep pulled out some clues which pointed to a possibility of an ASOP HTC One version in existence. Affirming that, Twitter user LlabTooFeR, who has a credible history of tweets behind him, tweeted that he knows there is a ‘Sense’less HTC One ready to be launched by the end of summer.

We hope he is true this time too, what do you think?

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