HTC One vs Sony Xperia Z

Recently launched Sony’s Xperia Z is undoubtedly one of the first major flagship devices of 2013. But the handset is going to face strong competition from others like Samsung, HTC  and Apple.  Right now, the  Xperia Z has got a new competitor from HTC, the HTC One.  The Taiwanese manufacturer will be introducing its upcoming HTC One by the end of the month, and with it they are bringing their best build quality, fast software and a better camera  and other high end features. Let’s have a short comparison of  the Xperia Z and the HTC One.


HTC-One-Xperia Z

While Sony has a 5-inch full HD display, HTC One comes with a 4.7-inch Super LCD3. The Xperia boasts 440 pixels per inch where as the HTC One promises a 468 ppi. In other words, both are alike in the brightness trait they leave. But HTC leave behinds its rival in viewing angles, which means the HTC One packs a smaller, but better-looking display.

Build quality

About the build quality, the Xperia sports a glass back panel and sealed chassis with a soft-touch plastic skeleton frame. Like they claim in their advertisement the handset is water and dust resistant, which is something new for a handset. Where as the HTC One comes with a gorgeous aluminum unibody design and a curved, back. Well, Sony manages to bring an attractive design but HTC rules the design side with a superior ergonomics and an even better-looking chassis.

Processors and performance

Under the hood, the HTC One holds a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 chip, whereas the Xperia Z is running the earlier S4 Pro. Though there is no big difference in performance but the HTC One is the winner.


The Sony Xperia Z have  back, home and task-switching keys on the screen. With a single-tap on the screen you can access Google Now. But the HTC One is limited to just two keys, home and back. The task-switching activated by double-tapping the home key and for Google Now,you need to press it.

Sense 5 versus Sony’s UI

Sony’s never drifted far from the Android look and experience, so that they keeps things very basic and minimalist, by using dark colors and subdued design cues. On the other hand, HTC has completely changed its Sense UI in the latest version 5. Their BlinkFeed page is an attractive feature of HTC’s home screen plan that combines calendar appointments, social updates, news feeds and TV schedules.

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