HTC One: Feature-Rich Rival to the Apple iPhone

The HTC One is definitely the best Android phone available in the market and it can beat the iPhone 5 on several fronts. The HTC device comes with an excellent design and build quality along with Android OS. The best features of the HTC One are listed below. Have a look.

HTC one

Front Facing Speakers

HTC has thrown in a pair of speakers on the front-side of the phone and they project directly towards the user. The speakers and built-in amplifier together called BoomSound and delivers stereo sound when holding the device in landscape mode, which makes it a perfect device for playing games or watching videos.

Remote Control Capability

The HTC One can serve as a universal remote control. The handset comes with a built-in TV app, which doesn’t require users to look up codes and act like any other universal remote controls.


Bigger, Better Display

The HTC One has a bigger 4.7-inch display making it better for video, apps and web browsing. The display has a resolution of 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels), and it packs 45% more pixels per inch in its display than the iPhone 5.

HTC one camera

Superior Camera App

HTC’s built-in camera app comes with dozens of settings options, which makes it easier to capture the perfect shot. The on-screen shutter feature allows to take photos continuously. You can also choose the best shot out of the bunch. An HTC feature named Zoe can capture three seconds of video along with 20 images with a single tap of the shutter.

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