HTC Era 42 Heads for T-Mobile This Fall

The HTC Era 42 will be moving to T-Mobile this fall. The device was seen in an image of a T-Mobile computer system with a date of September 26th. No additional details regarding price or specifications have been revealed as of now.

Depending on what was heard from several HTC and T-Mobile sources, the HTC Era 42 would be launch as the T-Mobile G3.

It will feature a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, equipped with Android and specifications would be better than the HTC One series.

The launch dates are not exactly fixed, and it’s impossible to know if September 26th is the date associated with the HTC Era 42 when T-mobile is planning on releasing the phone.

What is definite is that it would be launched by late September or early October. Thus, it will coincide with the two year anniversary of the T-Mobile G2′s October 6th launch date.

There is large number of Android fans out there who would be delighted to get their hands on a QWERTY equipped G series phone that runs on stock Android. It’s up to T-Mobile to come to a decision if the handset is worth an investment.

HTC had earlier announced that QWERTY devices were not going to be a main focus for the company in the future but they do realize that there is a good market for QWERTY handsets.

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