How to Reduce Microphonics in Headphones

In Ear Monitors (IEMs) are quite common these days. When old-styled earbuds rest inside your ear, the IEMs fit into the ear canal. IEM’s are vulnerable to microphonics, the transmittance of mechanical vibrations through an electrical component. It refers to the disturbing sounds you hear when the headphone cord rubs along a surface. No matter how costly your headphone is, microphonics will take away all the pleasure.

In order to reduce microphonics, manufacturers have tried different techniques such as braided cords and many more. If your in-ear headphones are too suffering from microphonics then here we list a couple of things to reduce those annoying noises.


While choosing a pair of earbuds usually everyone focus on the earbud specs and the style. Of course, these are important things, but many customers ignore the cable of headphone which is the most important factor in an earbud. The cable must be strong enough and also not fall under the effect of microphonics. The most common place for a cable to break is near the connector.

Shirt clip

Most commonly earbud manufacturers include a little clip with their in-ear headphones to reduce the annoying microphonics. When the section of the cord below the clip rubs along something then the clip and shirt will absorb most of the thumping and rustling noises. Just make sure that the clip is fixed at the top most position of the shirt.

Wrap cord over ears

Another practical method of reducing microphonics is wrapping the cord over ears rather than letting the cord dangle straight down. If you wrap the earbuds upwards around your ear then it will absorb some of the microphonics and will reduce the effect.

Insulated rubber cord

Always make sure that your earbuds possess the insulated rubber cord rather than the cheap nylon trash. An insulated rubber cord will reduce the microphonics and will eliminate its effect. Rubber cord is best for earbuds and keep in mind that it will not too thick to fall down from ears.

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