Hidden Bacteria Lurking on Your Mobile Phones

Your mobilephone looks clean but it doesn’t mean that it is clean or dirt free. A study by the students at the University of Surrey, UK, shows that mobile handset retains a biological history of our actions.

In order to conduct the study, the researchers imprinted their mobile phones on to Petri dishes to see what they might carry. After just three days the device looked like this, tangled with bacterial web. Thankfully most of the bacteria found in the device were harmless.


But researchers also found some disease-carrying bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, which is the cause for Staph infections including food poisoning, impetigo and even septicaemia.

According to Dr Simon Park, senior lecturer in molecular biology, 20 per cent of people are long-term carriers of this bacteria, which often lurk inside the nasal passages of humans.

As we all knew, bacteria uses many different things as vectors in order to support their transmission which includes insects, water, food, coughs and sneezes, sexual contact, and rain. And now mobile phones  also appear to be a transmitter of bugs.

From these results, it is clear that the mobile phone doesn’t just remember telephone numbers, but it also holds a history of our personal and physical contacts with people, soil and other matter.

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