Google Charmers that Came Our Way at the I/O Conference

At Google’s I/O keynote the company  never mentioned about the new Nexus phone or tablet, or the rumored Key Lime pie update. Still Google has introduced several new features and services for its customers that will bring in loads of charm. Here are the top features the company announced at the event. Read on and be excited. 

Google Hangouts


Google Hangouts, at Google+, has been restructured. It enables users to chat one-on-one with a friend during a group chat. You also get a history of your conversations along with photos. The app is currently available for iOS and Android.

Google Maps 3D and Street View


Google has announced a revamped version of the desktop version of Google Maps. It got a few changes like 3D Maps view and also get integrated with Google’s Earth and Map products. This new version includes a more prominent Street View feature. Also, you can zoom way out to the Earth to see the entire Earth with real time clouds. 

Google Wallet money transfer via Gmail

Gmail-send-moneyGoogle users can now send money to and from Google Wallet via e-mail. Also they can include their loyalty cards in a Google Wallet. This feature will transform Google Wallet from an NFC-based tool into much more usable on the Web.

Google+ photo improvements


Google  announced photo improvement options for its Google+, which includes auto-backups, auto-adjustments, and photo management. These features can select the best photo and can also stitch together photos in a panorama or GIF.

Google Music All Access


Google has introduced a new service called the Google Play Music All Access, which lets users to stream from a vast library on any device, using the Android operating system. Users will be able to search for a particular artist and can add tracks to their library. The service costs $10 per month.

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