Games to Look for in the Wii U

When Nintendo’s eight generation console, Wii U got released on November 18th (US), it couldn’t pull up a smooth landing. You may have heard some of its feature like the Nintendo Tvii which was proposed to be available from the day one wasn’t there when it came out.
Also the first party and third party game line up wasn’t that much strong to attract a major crowd. But we can let our hopes down on this; because this machine needs it time to take those developers out there to get us some unique package. Any way we have list for the Wii U games that you can play it on this Christmas season.
New Super Mario Bros U
The latest installment on the epic side scroller franchise, New Super Mario Bros U is quiet fun and accelerating with its core elements maintained and tied with Console’s tablet controller.ZombiU

When Wii U exclusive Ubisoft’s Zombie killing survival game, ZombiU came out it got mixed reviews.  The controller worked really in synch with game and it did really pulled out the graphical capabilities of the console.
Sonic and Sega AllStars Racing

The game’s idea is similar to other karting games, but if you are a Sonic fan , this is right fitted for you. It has 29 playable characters from the Sonic universe that will put you to in different racing grounds.Nintendo Land

Wii U game that is called to be the best introduction to the machine, Nintendo Land is bundled with the premium version of the console. This game is suited for all ages.

Assassin’s Creed III

Our favorite from this list, we don’t think you need an introduction to this popular franchise. Assassin’s Creed III, the fictional-historical open world action adventure is a great game and it works damn well on Wii U like in other console versions.

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