Franc iPhone Accessory Holds Cards at the Back of your iPhone

Every time a new accessory or case crops up for the Apple iPhone, we tend to go after it. Here’s a new accessory for your iPhone, which is in fact a wallet attached to your phone.

It lets you carry your credit cards at the back of the device. Dubbed Franc iPhone accessory, this one is again a Kickstarter project.

So the issue of carrying an extra wallet to hold your cards is solved now. The accessory comes in the form of a clip which could be clipped on your smartphone. It can be attached to the back side of the device. Here you can just slide in the cards in to the slot created thus.

This actually means you can go out and roam around just like that, taking only your iPhone. Sounds pretty cool right? So if you have everything in its card form including your house keys, it would be more convenient. Got it?

We know there are similar cases that offer the same facility. But we guess this would be more suitable, considering its size and user friendliness.

Want to know more about this? Jump to the Kickstarter page.

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