Flame Alleged to be an US-Israel Brainchild

All you tech geeks out there have been talking and debating on the potential of the Flame malware that breached many a security program of late. The malware in fact threatened the digital world with its unusually complex programming.

Now, if latest reports are to be believed, we get to know who is behind the malicious spyware. The report alleges that theUSandIsraeljointly designed the computer virus, or so believesIran.

Allegedly, the malware was programmed for monitoringIran’s computer networks while giving back a stream of intelligence to “prepare for a cyberwarfare campaign”. It was allegedly aimed at distractingIran’s nuclear weapon development.  For this cyber-sabotage, theUSnational security agency CIA and Israeli military had extracted aid from many destructive types of software.

In case you didn’t know, Flame replicates secure networks, and helps in manipulating computer microphones and cameras, log keyboard strokes, take screenshots, extract geolocation data from images, and communicate data via Bluetooth.

The malware was injected into computer systems as a routine Microsoft software update. MS has promptly started giving away patches for the fixing the same.

With the new allegation, it remains to be seen on what terrain Flame will be stepping on to now.

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