Features Given the Miss by the Latest iTunes 11

The latest version of iTunes brings plenty of new features, but Apple has removed many golden features in this latest edition while redesigning the software. Let’s find out what’s gone missing in iTunes.

Cover Flow

Once a prominent feature of iTunes 7 in 2006, it put album covers in a “flow” together. You can flip over it and it acts as a built in visualizer. This eye candy feature is completely removed in iTunes 11.

The de-duper

In earlier iTunes Apple had offered a built-in tool that would sniff out duplicates and put them on a single page. It was free. But in iTunes 11, the feature is missing.

iTunes DJ

iTunes DJ feature lets you put together a never-ending playlist. In iTunes 8.1 Apple added a new feature that lets other people at your party put in a request for a song from their mobile device.

Multiple windows

In order to simplify iTunes’ user interface, Apple has stripped the  multiple windows feature. This feature once helped in multitasking, like listening to Internet radio while going through and producing a playlist.


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