Elephant Eats iPhone in Thailand Park

iPhones are definitely the most popular mobile devices around the world and it is a favorite of everyone. It is a hit with humans – and animals too! A video that has gone viral  shows an elephant eating an iPhone.

The video shows two Chinese tourists at an elephant park in Thailand. While one of the tourists is feeding the elephant, the other  approach the animal, and starts shooting the elephant with her iPhone. All of a sudden, the pachyderm snatches the phone and starts eating it. From the video, it seems that the phone was later recovered from the elephant’s dung.

The incident happened at an unidentified elephant camp in Thailand, and was probably filmed by a third person. But a few people are not convinced by the video and thinks that it is a fake one.

According to some people, the recovered phone is not the same as the first one, while some other point to the fact that the people were just acting.

Anyways, we admit the fact that the whole incident might be possible, because usually we see people filming the animals at zoo with their phones so close to an animal.

We suggest you to avoid such mistakes, because it might cause damage to your phone and most importantly to the poor animal.

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