Edible iPhone Cases Sold Out

May be this is the most idiosyncratic or crazy iPhone case ever made.  A Tokyo based company has made edible iPhone cases and surprisingly they have been completely sold out!

This edible iPhone cases are entirely made from Japanese brown rice and salt and called Survival Senbei Rice Cracker iPhone Cases.

Even the company’s website Japan Trend Shop explains that they are not serious about the product and are making fun at people obsessed with technology and food.

These iPhone cases are not intended to protect your iPhone case but it will help you in case of emergency like a natural disaster. The company doesn’t guarantee much protection and even says that due to its delicate nature, it is also possible that the case may become broken during  delivery or dispatch process.

That means, the case will easily get damaged while shipping to the United States. But this not stopped US customers from buying this crunchy iPhone case.

The iPhone fans across the world proved that they like and willing to buy this range of accessories just for fun.

Well, the company is planning to release an entire range of edible iPhone cases and for those who want to purchase this tasty iPhone case it is available at a price of $81.

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