DropBox Denial by AT&T and Verizon on Galaxy S3: Where Could That Lead To?

While the market scenario in the US cannot get any better than the present for the Samsung Galaxy S3 release, the odd policy of twoUScarriers could play spoilsport. It’s common knowledge that the Galaxy S3 provides 50GB DropBox cloud storage as a part of its product promotion. But two of the prominent US carriers – AT&T and Verizon – have decided to not support this service.

This is quite surprising. Samsung Galaxy S3 has made its global debut a few days ago. The owners of the S3 in Europe and theUKhave started enjoying the free 50GB cloud storage (48GB plus 2GB free to all the new users) which Samsung has assured a validity of 2 years.

The phone itself is capable of an optional 16GB & 32GB internal storage, and the DropBox cloud storage is flaunted as a bonus feature. This means that the US customers alone will be deprived of this cloud storage feature.

We are still in the dark about what AT&T and Verizon have in their mind. May be they will offer an exclusive cloud storage facility by themselves. But that still doesn’t make them very customer friendly carriers. The phone which is yet to be released in the states will be also coming via plenty of other carriers including the T-Mobile USA, Sprint and US Cellular. We are yet to hear the attitude of the other carriers regarding the DropBox allocation in their Galaxy S3.

The flagship Samsung phone will be coming through various carriers in theUStowards the end of this month. Galaxy S3 will debut in the country via AT&T on June 18, while Sprint and T-Mobile will be following the path with a June 21 release.

We have still no firm date regarding the Verizon’s release of the gadget, however rumor mills suggest a June 28 or July 9 probability. US Cellular will be releasing the device by the end days of July. In the meanwhile, a 16GB edition of the phone is available for pre-order at online AT&T stores.

We are in no state to predict how the declining of DropBox cloud storage by AT&T and Verizon will affect their potential Galaxy S3 customers. We are sure this will no way reduce the demand for the flagship phone to any extend.

We have to wait for the response from theUSmarket to know whether customers will stick to their two favorite carriers or leap if others carriers are offering the DropBox. We sincerely hope to see your comments on the topic in the space below.

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