Colored iPhone Casings Pose for Camera Up in China

Rumors of a budget iPhone with a plastic casing have been doing the rounds for some time, and they have kept us engaged ever since 2013 dawned. Now, a few new snap shots of the rumored devices from China have raised hopes yet again.


The leaked shots of the device are supposed to have been taken from inside a Chinese manufacturer working with Apple. The images show rear casings claiming to be the new, colorful, entry-level iPhone.

It is not that such pictures were not seen before. The new pictures show a blue and white model, which has not appeared in the previous images leaked. Previous images showed only yellow, green and red variants. This even had mock-up design renders which showed what the budget iPhone might look like.

However, there is no credibility to the new images  as it could be just fake parts designed by a factory. The devices look cheaper and are made of plastic, but not like the typical Apple device.

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