China App Stores Hit by Android Malware Infection

The Chinese users of Google’s mobile operating system have found yet another Android malware causing them to be charged with inordinate bills.

This Trojan was initially found on wireless provider China’s Mobile’s app store by the security firm Trustgo. Now, the malware is believed to have infected over nine different app stores. This malware download apps and make arbitrary phone calls without the permission of the user.

Trustgo Security Labs has warned that the virus automatically places orders and downloads paid apps and video content that can result in unexpectedly high phone bills.

This malware named, Trojan!MMarketPay.A@Android was discovered on the 4th of July and has been found in nine additional China Android markets and has infected more than 100,000 devices.

Trustgo claims that the malware works by first changing the victims’ Access Point Name to CMWAP to surpass the need to log in to the store.

It then clicks on a paid app, sends a purchase verification token from China Mobile to the victim. It then enters that to a prompt within the store, confirming the payment.

Trustgo said that MMarketPay.A might come in as repackaged applications and could sport names such as com.mediawoz.goweather, com.mediawoz.gotq, com.mediawoz.gotq1, cn.itkt.travelskygo, cn.itkt.travelsky,, or

Stay safe, guys!

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