Buying an Apple iPhone 5? You will Need to Get One of These Cases Too

With the Apple iPhone5 now launched, it is time to look for the perfect case. The older cases won’t fit the iPhone5, because it is taller and thinner than its predecessor. So if you are looking to purchase an iPhone5, you need to buy a new case too. Here’s a list of the iPhone cases available in the market.

Incipio KICKSNAP iPhone5 Case with Kickstand

It is the first iPhone5 case with a kickstand. A slim case with a retractable kickstand joins the Incipio line of iPhone 5 cases. This fancy polycarbonate (plextonuim) made case offers decent protection for your iPhone. OtterBox Defender iPhone 5 Case

This iPhone 5 case is made to handle tough conditions. With its three layers of protection and a built-in screen protector, your iPhone is safe from drops, bumps and dust. This is available in eight different colors.

OtterBox Commuter iPhone 5 Case

Though this case does not look so strong, it does offer a lot of protection. The outer shell is designed smoothly and therefore it easily fits your pocket. The case comes with a screen protector and the inner rubber layer provides additional protection.

Seidio Surface iPhone 5 Case with Metal KickStand

A thin case with a metal kickstand. The kickstand is magnetic, therefore it snaps back into place when it isn’t in use. It only works in landscape mode. A separate accessory called Surface Holster, will allow you carry it on your belt.

Case-Mate Pop! iPhone 5 Case with Kickstand

It is a slim iPhone 5 case with a small kickstand which pops out of the back of the case. The kickstand allows watching movies and portrait mode for easier FaceTime calling. Case-Mate is famous for their quality iPhone cases.

Seidio Convert Rugged iPhone 5 Case

The Seidio Convert rugged iPhone case combines a Surface case with a heavy-duty exoskeleton to absorb shock. It also includes a display in holster with a lock and screen protector. This case is available in two different colors black and grey.

Lifeproof iPhone 5 Case

Are you in search of a waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof, shock proof case for your iPhone 5? The Lifeproof iPhone5 case is your answer. This waterproof iPhone 5 case should fit the iPhone 5 without adding much bulk.

Incase iPhone 5 Armband

It claims Sweatproof protection to your iPhone 5 while you work out. The reflective safety highlights can make you seen while you run and it allows your arm to breath.

DODOCASE for iPhone 5

It is a bamboo-made iPhone case that claims to be drop-proof and protective. This iPhone 5 case is made inSan Franciscoand it is expected in the market in the near future.

ZAGG Invisible Shield Extreme iPhone 5 Screen Protector

This new Invisible Shield Extreme iPhone 5 screen protector will protect your iPhone with a .2mm thick film. This film protects it from scratches, shock and breakage. The iPhone 5 screen protector comes with a replacement guarantee too.

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