Buying a Laptop? What Kind of User are You?

A laptop has become a common and unavoidable accessory in our daily life and it is difficult to choose the right model when you are out in the market to buy one. It sure does demand some serious time and research. Here we try to summarize different kinds of laptops for different users.


Students always need a laptop device with low price and portability. They often need to carry it from class to class. Therefore they usually prefer the low cost Netbooks, because they are small and low power systems and cost less than $500. The negative aspect of these netbooks is that they have small screens and use underpowered single-core CPUs.

A 13 inch thin and light laptop is also recommended for students. Though they are less portable but efficient to work and do research. They come with dual core CPU’s and includes more features s such as 1 GB of RAM, 160 GB or larger HDD and 13 inch or smaller display.

Business Traveler

Business men often need to travel a lot and need a great computing experience that is strong and protected. They need more access to security and management tools in order to satisfy their requirements. Therefore we suggest a laptop device with more security features.

Choose a laptop with least 2GB to 4GB of RAM, 160GB or larger HDD, 12- to 15-inch display and something powerful like Windows Vista Professional or Windows 7 Professional and of course mobile broadband modem.

Photographer / Videographer

Are you a videographer or photographer? Then you need a laptop with a powerful processor, discrete graphics, and massive, fast hard drives in order to work with high-definition video or high-resolution photographs.

On the feature side, something like 4GB to 8GB of RAM is advised, because you need plenty of RAM, 320GB or larger 7,200rpm HDD and video editing software. We also suggest a 17- or a 15-inch screen that runs at a high native resolution and a 500GB hard drive that runs at the faster 7,200rpm speed.

Home User

A home user doesn’t usually need something more powerful and costly. Usually they use the device to watch videos or checking mails and social networking sites. For a home user, the traditional 15-inch laptop is most suitable. The14- and 16-inch versions are also common among home users. These days each company is making standard mainstream laptops. A home user need minimum features such as a 2GB to 4GB of RAM, 250GB or larger HDD, 4- to 16-inch display and DVD burning optical drive.


Most serious PC gamers naturally turn towards desktop computers because they are upgradeable and come with faster components, and better cooling options. But still a few prefer gaming laptops. A gamer requires a powerful processor, discrete graphics GPU such as Nvidia’s GeForce N260, a 4GB to 8GB of RAM, 320GB or larger 7,200rpm HDD and 17-inch or larger display.


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