Blackberry 10 OS to Come Out Only in Q1 of Next Year

It is really sad news, but Blackberry OS 10 will be coming out only by Q1 of next year. The future plan of RIM regarding the launching dates has leaked and it looks like a plan involving very good gadgets.

But the beginning date is the only undesirable news. It’s nice to know that many advanced devices are on its way. RIM could have put its latest OS on stores by end of 2012 itself.

From the RIM’s road map, it is clear that there will be devices such as the BlackBerry L and N-series smartphones (codenamedLondonandNevada) similar to the Torch and Bold series.

These two phones have been behind the curtains for quite some time and RIM is planning to launch them sometime at the beginning of 2013. The 4G PlayBook, which is codenamedWinchester, as expected, should be launching soon.

With a 4G-enabled PlayBook, RIM now offers a completely BlackBerry independent mobile tablet solution.  BlackBerry 10 should be available to the PlayBook and PlayBook 4G later on in 2013.

With a roadmap to depend upon, there will be rumors regarding the plans of RIM. Though a specific time line is out, it is indeed the only thing that has. RIM is very secretive regarding its devices and they won’t leak out any info prior to the launch.

Whatever their strategy may be, hope these devices will boost RIM from all the negatives the firm is currently facing from competitors.

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