BlackBerry 10 L Series Device Leaks

We have happy news for BlackBerry fans as a couple more pictures of a BlackBerry 10 L device have popped up to make their way through the web.

Dubbed the L-series orLondon, the BlackBerry 10 device’s images include one lying on a desk displaying its battery cover and another showing off a close-up look at the device’s app icons, including ones for Facebook, BBM and Maps.

This one is almost similar to the L-series phone that had leaked in January. From the pictures, we can see how the camera will be placed on the rear of the phone.

The serial numbers attached to them indicate they are just test units and may not be the final design.

If they are test units, we can hope that the final design will be all the more perfect.

One of the pictures reveals a battery door, which implies that unlike the iPhone and certain other Android devices, the battery is replaceable.

The Blackberry 10 is currently expected to release in early 2013. It will be the first phone to have a full touch model with RIM’s new OS.

Though significant details are not revealed, we may expect some updates at next week’s BlackBerry Jam Americas developer’s conference in San Jose, California.

The specification and hardware details of the device are still unclear. Are you excited to see what the new BlackBerry 10 handset will bring unto you?

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