Biggest Phone Design Disasters

The biggest complaint about mobilephones are related to their  design. Though occasionally a few designers and companies have  tried new and adventurous designs, many others have gone for disastrous designs.  Here we try to list such unsuccessful mobile phones with awful designs. Have a look.

Kyocera Echo

It is natural that sometimes we think that a dual display is better than single. That’s why Kyocera introduced their unique design that folded out into a 4.7-inch screen. Unfortunately, the split screen didn’t work well because nobody likes a seam running in their phone display.

Nokia Lumia 620


The Nokia Lumia 620 is a good quality smartphone in all aspects. The only drawback of the device is its SIM card tray which is hard to reach. This SIM card tray is hidden on the side of the battery wall beneath the microSD card slot.

HTC Status

HTC Status

The HTC Status has a tiny screen with tedious scrolling and small screen. The landscape-mode screen makes portrait-only apps problematic to use.

LG Intuition

LG Intuition

LG Intuition is a phablet device with amazing features. Though LG announced a stylus with the phone, it went missing in the end product. Missing accessories could really disappoint users.

HP Veer

Hp veer

Small phones are really cute, but the HP Veer, from  the Palm Pre family line, turned ridiculous with its 2.6-inch display. The display is barely large enough to tap the QWERTY keyboard. Again you need a non-standard charging port and a separate connector if you wanted to use headphones.

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