Best Headphone Apps

What do you do to make your headphones sound even better? Of course, you will add any free app for controlling the headphones from your phone. Here we list such headphone apps that offer a range of features and proprietary audio technology. 

Klipsch S4A/Klipsch Control


The Klipsch S4A in-ear headphones offer unique oval shaped buds that deliver deep bass and clear highs via the dual magnet 8.5mm drivers. The Klipsch Control app lets listeners to program the number of taps necessary to play, pause and skip tracks and adjust the volume and answer or ignore calls.

Jabra Revo Wireless

Jabra-slideThe Jabra Sound App comes with Mobile Surround Sound and Dolby Digital Plus, which enhances the quality of music.

Denon Urban Raver/Denon Club

DenonDenon Club app is specially made for the Denon Urban Raver headphones. It comes with 3 audio effects including Bass Boost and Internet Radio.

Parrot Zik/Parrot Audio Suite

Parrot-Zik-app-slideThe Parrot Zik by Starck headphones are awesome. The headsets is combined with the Parrot Audio Suite App, which lets users to adjust the speaker angle and soundscapes for a customized experience.

Myth Labs

myth LabsThe iMyth Labs Sonic Signature app lets its users to create their ideal headphone by scanning a user’s playlist and examining audio quality.

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