Best Apps for Bathroom Breaks

This is a truth, our smartphones and tablets have become our bathroom companions. Gadgets can keep you little more entertained while taking your bathroom breaks. The perfect bathroom app should have enough content to entertain but it doesn’t want  to be too complicated or lengthy. Here are our favorite bathroom apps.



The Kindle app lets you read your favorite books and novels at anywhere you wish. This Android/ iOS app has book progress, which is synced with every Kindle device. Using Amazon’s free Whispersync, you can pick up the exact page where you left off.

Flipboard 2.0


What about using your bathroom break to catch up on your favorite news? Flipboard app can give you collective content by topic. It will also organize the content in a graphical, magazine-like format for easy reads. With Flipboard you can also share your favorite stories to your own Flipboard magazine.


slingboxWith the Slingbox your favorite shows are always accessible. It has two components, a hardware that connects your cable box and your TV and the second one is the mobile app called SlingPlayer which helps you to stream content or manage your DVR remotely.



The HBO Go app will bring you the premium cable channel’s content directly to your smartphone or tablet device. You can view the latest episode of any program on the service.

Candy Crush Saga


Bathroom breaks don’t suit for long games, but games like Candy Crush Saga are perfect way to spend a few minutes. The game offers over 100 levels, each with a unique challenge.

Alien Blue


The free iOS app Alien Blue is a powerful Reddit client for browsing Reddit. It has been developed from the aim to enhance the touch-screen experience. You can also explore the individual topics.


facebookUse your bathroom breaks to check your Facebook timeline and connect with your friends and family.

MLB At Bat 13


This mobile app lets it users to keep track their favorite game,  live scores, video highlights and key moment replays. This is a free app for iOS and Android.



The Fab app provides you the entire Fab catalog to your smartphone. You can search through the endless collection of design-focused products such as furniture, home accessories, art, jewelry and products for men and women.

Ridiculous Fishing


An iOS app named the Ridiculous Fishing offer you a casual gaming delight. You have catch as many fish as possible, except jellyfish!

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