Best Alternatives to Google Reader

You heard it right. Google has put an end to its Google Reader service from July 1 due to drop in usage. And, if you are looking for an alternative to Google Reader, here we’ve tried to list the best RSS readers available in the market. Have a look and pick the best one for you.



Feedly is one of the best alternatives to Google Reader. It’s reliable, fast, and you can easily import your subscriptions into Feedly. Feedly has a completely cloud-based service and it can be accessed from any browser. This service offers versatility. You can select either the headline-only view or the magazine or card views.

AOL Reader 


AOL Reader is a solid RSS reader that gives you a few display options such as headline view or a more spread-out look in multiple columns with Card View. It also offers a Full View, and a nifty split-screen pane view, and comes with the layout and keyboard shortcuts familiar to Google Reader.

The Old Reader 


The Old Reader is similar to Google Reader and comes with almost the familiar colors and layout of Google Reader. Moreover, the Old Reader allows sharing to social networks. You can easily sign up for the service and import your Google subscriptions via XML upload.

Curata Reader 


Curata Reader is one of the cleanest RSS readers.  Unlike other readers offers a refreshing amount of white space, with just a few clean lines acting as separators between the content. It also comes with attractive typefaces, intuitive icons, and nifty rollover animations. Currently, Curata is only available via Web browser.

Digg Reader

DiggReaderDigg’s reader is integrated with the news site, and it clues you in to stories that are popular with other readers on the Web. The Digg reader is still in beta and but the developers is implementing suggestions and improvements.

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