Battery Tips for Your Smartphone

Every other smartphone is said to be a multitasking device, so that you can send emails, can make phone calls and do messaging. But various apps can quickly drain your phone’s battery. Here we highlight a few steps, which would help you to extend your smartphone’s battery life.



All most all high end smartphone lets you adjust the screen brightness. Always set your brightness to the lowest level, so that the battery can stand for a long time.

Update OS

OSSoftware updates helps to improve the battery life of your smartphone. So, always update your OS whenever companies issue an update.



Turn off your Bluetooth option, when you don’t need the service. It will definitely save some battery life.

Turn off notifications

notificationsYou don’t always need the notification service; therefore make sure to turn off the notifications when you actually don’t want it.

Use Wi-Fi


The 4G LTE speeds are best but  continuous usage will drain your battery life. So try to use Wi-Fi when you’re close to a router.

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