Apple Touch Panel Shipments Down Ahead of iPhone 5 Arrival

Most of you have already read about the new Samsung Galaxy S3 handset and the specifications that come along with it. Now prepare to be amazed by Apple’s latest mobile, the much-awaited Apple iPhone 5.

It seems like Apple is also reducing its touch panel shipments by 15-20 percent. They are doing so as they are about to release the Apple iPhone 5 pretty soon. The new device comes with a new feature called in-cell touch.

What is in-cell touch? Well, it delivers multi-touch technology into the thin-film transistor LCD processor that decreases the weight of the device by a lot, as it would require lesser amount of glass and sensors.

The other features of this beauty are that it has a 4 inch Gorilla Glass display, and a new dock connector with lesser pins. There seems to be even more features, but we can’t list them down with absolute certainty. This is because no official announcement has come about as yet.

Apple seems to keep their mouth shut about all this gossip and stuff. What a way to keep their product advertised, right?

Judging from the tiny bit of information we have here, it seems that the Apple iPhone 5 won’t be able to beat the Samsung Galaxy S3, which is a phone that comes with 4.8 touch screen and a lot of good features apart from being Android-powered.

So although the battle rages between the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3, there is more chance for the Galaxy S3 to win. However, the iPhone 5 isn’t a bad idea either, because it makes up for whatever it doesn’t deliver with its amazing design.

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