Apple Store Workers Asked to Work Late on June 5

Just a few hours are left for the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. In the meantime, rumours are building up on each and every movement of theCupertinocompany.

The latest is that Apple Store workers were asked to work late into the night of June 5. This date falls just a week ahead of the conference. So what would be the reason behind this? Speculation is that Apple is about to launch some kind of new product or initiative.

This news is from Macworld, which claims that Gary Allen of ifoAppleStore has spoken to an Apple store employee in Texas. The latter has told the former that the back-of-house workers and other specialists have been asked to work late on 5th of this month.

At the same time, Apple Insider says that it could be something related to Apple’s annual promotions for schools. This program actually began at around the same time last year.

Apart from this working late news, there is something else too, that has raised the questions. Reports say that engineers have been visiting Apple Stores with a mysterious ‘black box’. What could that be?

Again we have speculations, which ultimately say that Apple is due to release a new service. And this black box could be something for the purpose of transferring data to the store servers.

Well, its better to wait and see. WWDC is just a couple of days away.

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