Apple Might Release 3 Different iPhones in 2013

Well, it is no more a secret that Apple is slowly losing its charm and fame. But there is no cut down in rumors regarding the company and its products. The latest one says that Apple is planning to launch not one but three iPhone devices this year!

These rumors are spreading across the Asian market and they suggest three different iPhone releases  this year from Apple. Moreover, two of the devices are expected to hit the market by the end of this June.

The first device form the tech giant will be the iPhone 5S and it will follow the past four generations of iPhone. The rumored iPhone 5S is said to have a better software and features. Apple has the history to outsell its ‘S’ version of iPhone than its previous models, therefore everyone expects an iPhone 5S sooner or later.

Along with iPhone 5S, rumors are rife about the release of a cheaper iPhone. Right now, we can’t ensure the device or its success but some people wish for an innovative iPhone rather than a cheaper one. Meanwhile, a cheaper iPhone wouldn’t attract the US customers but may be it has a higher demand on other markets.

The last rumored device from Apple is an iPhone 6. It is expected to have a different name and would feature a 12-megapixel camera and a larger screen. The rumor mills say that it will be released in December 2013. We don’t think that Apple would do this, because such a move from company would make the iPhone 5S customers angry.

Anyways, there is no doubt that Apple should need to take some changes in their business strategy in order to overcome the success of Google’s Android OS.

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