Apple Launches iTune Stores in India

After a long wait, Indian customers can purchase or rent music or movies from Apple’s iTunes store. You can access the iTunes Store via your iOS device like iPod, iPhone and iPad.

Until now Indian iTunes Store only offered  free books and podcasts. But this new move from Apple, Indian customers will be allowed to purchase anything form Indian to international movies or music. It also offers Bollywood movies and Tamil film songs.

Apple has  fixed a pretty reasonable price for this service in the Indian market. Single songs are priced between Rs 7 to Rs 12 where as the music albums starts from Rs 70. For movies you need to pay in between Rs 290 to Rs 490 and the price is depends on popularity and resolution of the movie.

For those who prefer to rent movies, a Bollywood movie is available at Rs 80 from iTunes Store and you must pay Rs 120 for an international movie. Apple is also offering an option to purchase iTunes Gift Cards for Rs 1,000, Rs 1,500, Rs 3,000 and Rs 5,000.

Along with the iTunes Stores, Apple has also launched its iTunes Match service in India. It allows users to store their music library in iCloud. Apple is providing this service at Rs 1,200 per year.

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