Apple iPhone 5 Battery Specs Leak

Apple is set to launch its next generation iPhone 5 in September and rumors are rife about its specifications.

Though Apple never denied or confirmed any of these rumors, images of the upcoming iPhone’s parts are easily available over the internet.  The latest rumors pertain to the iPhone5 battery.

Sources suggest the particular iPhone 5 batteries run at 1440 mAh, and it is only 10 mAh additional to that of iPhone4.

Compared with its ancestors, it is higher but while considering the larger display size of iPhone5 it doesn’t look like a great deal, because a large display can drain the battery in a very short time period.

The picture of the battery even shows a similar size and shape of that of the iPhone 4 and 4S battery. The other significant fact is its voltage level, which is same as that in the  iPhone 4.

It is also possible that the new iOS 6 in iPhone5 will help the device to run longer and more efficiently on this 1440mAh battery.

And if the rumors  are right, this will be huge drawback of iPhone5 and definitely the iPhone lovers will be forced to reconsider their choice.

The iPhone5 with 1440 mAh battery is coming to the gadget market, where Samsung Galaxy holds a 2,200mAh battery and even the Motorola offering a 3,200 mAh for its Droid RAZR Maxx.

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