Apple iPhone5 Battery Images Leaked; Looks Bigger

Only a few days are remaining for the September 12th event, where Apple is expected to launch its iPhone5.

Until now, we have heard many rumors about the device and seen many pictures showing its motherboard and the front panel. And now, the latest entry to this group is the new Apple smartphone battery.

The iPhone5 battery has leaked from the electronics repair company iResQ. We guess these pictures are more reliable.

The leaked images show a battery that appears to perfectly fit within the phone frame and the battery looks slightly larger than the previous iPhone 4S.

The pictured battery seems to run at 3.8 volts with a capacity of 5.45 watt hours, rather than the 3.7 volt, 5.3 watt hour battery in the iPhone 4S.

It also suggests that the weight of the battery has dropped from .96oz to .80oz and the length is increased to a half inch. Talking about its thickness, it has been reduced to some extent.

The current LTE equipped smartphones experience a battery drain, and with this increased voltage and wattage, Apple may bring a better device  into the market. Apple’s iPhone 5 is also believed to come with a larger display and a new processor.


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