Apple iPhone Deal with China Mobile Being Explored

The Apple iPhone has to explore new avenues as its Android competitors are giving it a tough time. And that is exactly what Apple has been done lately. The pioneering smartphone maker is in talks with the China Mobile, for a link up of the carrier with iPhone.

China Mobile is the world’s largest mobile phone operator, and tying a knot with the World’s premium phone will be a mutually benefiting deal. China Mobile was the first to confirm the rumors, when the company’s chairman disclosed the news to its pleased shareholders.

“China Mobile and Apple both have the will to strengthen cooperation,” Chairman Xi Guohua said. He also added that more details will follow once specific provisions are agreed by both the firms.

Lately we had smelled the probability of an alliance, when the Apple CEO Tim Cook was reported visiting the carrier’sBeijingoffice, on last March. If all goes fine, China Mobile’s 667 million customers will be availed with the option of iPhone very soon.

However, Apple was unavailable for comment; we will update the news as soon, if the Cupertino Company gives away any details.

iPhone was an exclusive product of the China Unicom in the country for three years until China Telecom forayed to the territory with the iPhone 4S in last march.

Apple apparently was hoping a wider network for their premium iPhone. So as to increase their revenue from what can be one of the largest markets inAsia, they fastened hook for the biggest fish in the pond.

iPhone has a large following in China, which became evident with the iPhone 4S causing a hullabaloo about its late release and shortage, in last January.

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