Apple iPhone Back Cover Rides Hype; Is This Necessary?

There are a lot of smartphones out there and among all those phones, the Apple  iPhone has always stood with its head high.

The reason for this can be attributed to two aspects. One is that it’s from Apple. Second, it delivers what it promises.

So when talking of such a phone, does it matter if it comes with a two-tone back color or brushed beige texture? The web world, however, seems to differ.

There are thousands of tweets and blogs which convey that they really think the texture of the back cover of iPhone is of utmost importance.

To re-enforce the question, one should think of the reasons due to which people buy iPhones. The most popular answer is that it has become a status symbol and the most convincing answer is that it features superior build quality.

So there you go. For a phone that made you spent most of your monthly income deserves to be put in a protecting case even if it is more solid and well built.

Most of the users have done this and thus the visual appeal the back cover can give has been hindered. Still people argue and hope upon the colours of the upcoming iPhones and this is not making any sense.

For a phone that is destined to be put in a fully covered protecting case, why this hype over what texture its backside comes in?

It’s time for people to reconsider before leaping into a topic that needs no new attention than it already has. There is a complicated world out there which needs some attention. But apparently it is getting none these days.

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